Progressive gymnastics at Flips

These classes are for children who are entering first grade and higher. Multiple classes are held at each time scheduled. The children are divided by age and skill level where appropriate to achieve maximum progress and stimulation. This also makes promotions easier on our "taxi drivers." Classes at this level are 75 minutes. At Flips Gymnastics our ultimate goal is to provide safe, competent instruction. We strive to help each child build self-esteem, confidence, and a love for physical fitness.

For example, "conditioning" for strength is a major part of our curriculum. To make this more exciting we use the Jurassic Wall, The Web, Trapeze Swings, and Trampolines. We realize that not every child wants to go on to become an Olympian, and we have worked that into our philosophy of instruction.

We also realize that there are children who want to be on Team someday. There is a place for all at Flips.  Advanced classes are the avenue for team-bound gymnasts.

View Girls Progressive class schedules for Fall 2017
View Boys Progressive class schedules for Fall 2017
Classes by age:​​​
Girls Junior Progressive - (1st - 2nd grade)

Girls Progressive - (3rd - 4th grade)

Girls 10-up Club - (entering 5th grade or older)

Boys Junior Progressive - (1st - 2nd grade)

Boys Progressive - (3rd - 4th grade)

Boys 10-up Club - (entering 5th grade or older)

Advanced classes (invite only)
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