Fundamental gymnastics at Flips

This program is especially designed for preschool and kindergarten youngsters. Each child will have the opportunity to integrate a variety of physical and mental activities in a safe and positive learning environment. These children work on gross motor and basic gymnastics skills. Fundamental classes are 45 minutes, with the exception of Gym Dandies Extended classes for some kindergartners.

There are many things that we try to do to help gymnastics stay fun and exciting for your child. Hopefully, you will notice that we spend quite a bit of time creating games and warm-up routines that help to develop the mental and physical being.

We are striving to assist those muscles in developing strength, flexibility, and "memory" so that the individual student will be able to ease into the sport of gymnastics--or whatever sport appeals to them because this will give them a good base for many sports as well.

Classes by age:

Diaper Daredevils - (walking through 2½ years old, parents participate with their child)

Mighty Munchkins - (2½ through 3 years old)

Rockin' Rollers - (3 through 4 years old)

Terrific Tumblers - (Pre-K's)

Gym Dandies - (Kindergartners)

Co-ed class (45 min)

Gym Dandies Extended for girls (75 minutes)

Gym Dandies Extended for boys (75 minutes)
See You There :)